Jack Tevis Retirement Announcement

In this video, Jack Tevis talks about retiring after over fifty years with the Tevis family businesses. He shares memories of his impactful career and looks forward to his retirement, while presenting his daughter, Tory Tevis, as the upcoming president of the company. Watch as they explore themes of legacy, commitment, and future direction.

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Video Transcription

Jack Tevis: This spring, I will have completed 51 years at the Tevis family of companies. I have been blessed to have been involved in the changes and growth of the company over the past five decades.

Over the past several years, I’ve started to take more time away from the company to see a little bit of what retirement might look like. And I can tell you, I like what I have seen. My reason for making this video today is to let you know that, later this year, I’ll be stepping down as president of the company. My daughter Tory will be taking my place.

Tory Tevis: It’s been about two years since I joined, and in that time, I’ve seen and heard how our employees talk about you, our customers, and our community. And I know that I have big shoes to fill.

When I joined the company and started working with all of you, I heard the words quality, integrity, and response as our core pillars. And those are those are great words. They seem like the right things to be focusing on. But over the course of the last two years, what I saw is those are not just words. They are actions and values that define the Tevis family of companies as a whole. They are the foundation we are built on, the trust we have earned over the past 90 years, and the solid structure we will take with us as we move into the future of fuel delivery, HVAC, and home service.

We have such a strong foundation that everyone here has helped to build. And my vision for the future and how we take that forward, and how we continue to evolve, is really about bringing the entire family of companies together. And as a unified family of companies, we will be able to respond to and serve our customers more efficiently.

The integration will be seamless. Your home heating oil and commercial deliveries will still be delivered by Tevis Energy. Your propane will be delivered by Tevis Propane and your heating and cooling installation and service will be provided by Modern Comfort. Whether we’re talking about the future, the present, or the past, our core pillars will continue to guide how we show up as a company and for our customers.

Jack Tevis: And because I stepped back from full-time responsibilities and Beth and I started on more travel and community-based pursuits, I will still be around. My job will be to help Tory and executive leaders in any way that they think I might be useful. I plan to be in touch with you. I hope you stay in touch with me. And remember, it’s never goodbye. It’s. Hey. See you later.

Tory Tevis: If you have any questions or would like to wish Jack a happy and healthy retirement, we would love to hear from you. Email us at info at TevisEnergy.com.