HVAC Case Studies

Curious about what Modern Comfort can do for your home's energy and HVAC needs? Take a stroll through our completed projects! This page is like a storybook of fuel and HVAC case studies, showcasing the real experiences and successes we've had and providing insights into our expertise and commitment to exceptional service.

Problem: The Miller Family's air conditioning system in Marysville, PA, was remarkably inefficient, resulting in excessively high cooling costs and inadequate cooling throughout their home. This led to a persistently uncomfortable and overly warm environment, greatly affecting their daily comfort and quality of life.

Solution: We upgraded the Miller's cooling unit in Marysville, PA, with a high-efficiency Rheem air conditioner. This installation significantly improved their cooling experience, providing a more comfortable living environment. Additionally, they benefited from lower energy bills, a direct result of the air conditioner's enhanced efficiency and performance.


Problem: The McCann Family's heating system in Westminster, MD, was notably inefficient, leading to exceptionally high heating costs and inadequate heating throughout their home. This resulted in a consistently cold and uncomfortable environment, significantly impacting their daily comfort.

Solution: We installed a high-efficiency Lennox furnace in the McCann Family's Westminster, MD home. This upgrade led to a warmer living environment and the benefit of reduced energy bills, reflecting the system's superior efficiency and performance.


Problem: The Panchari Family in Valley View, PA, faced a significant issue with their heating system. They had two corroded oil tanks that posed operational and safety challenges.

Solution:The Pancharis made a substantial upgrade to their residence in Valley View, PA, by transitioning from two rusted 275-gallon oil tanks to a single, more reliable 275-gallon Granby tank made of 12-gauge steel. This replacement ensured a safer and more efficient fuel storage solution for their oil-fired heating system.