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Is your heat pump not performing as expected or, worse, not working at all? If you're encountering issues, it's time to contact Modern Comfort. Our skilled technicians will promptly assess your home's heat pump, delivering expert diagnoses and professional repairs for any problems your system may face.

We take pride in offering repair services for all makes and models of heat pump systems, ensuring effective and efficient solutions, even if you didn't originally purchase the system from us.

Heat Pump Issues: What to Look Out For

  1. Constant Operation:
    • Your heat pump should operate in cycles, maintaining your desired temperature.
  2. Failure to Turn On:
    • Verify your thermostat settings and check the reversing valve to ensure it switches correctly between heating and cooling.
  3. Frozen Coils:
    • Ice on evaporator coils, except in winter, is abnormal. Blocked airflow due to a dirty filter or coils could be the cause. Try changing the air filter or cleaning the coils. If the issue persists, contact our team for assistance.
  4. Unusual Odors:
    • Musty odors may indicate mold or mildew, while burning smells suggest electrical problems. Musty odors may be due to mold or mildew, while burning smells suggest electrical issues.
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Year-Round Comfort: Trust in Your Modern Comfort Heat Pump

Maintain a consistently comfortable home environment throughout the year with a dependable heat pump. Whether it's winter or summer, having a reliable heating and cooling system is crucial for achieving your desired indoor temperature.

For any repairs or emergencies related to your heat pump in Maryland and Pennsylvania, contact Modern Comfort. Our skilled technicians, available 24/7 in MD and PA, offer prompt and efficient same-day services to ensure your heat pump operates smoothly.

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Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump with Modern Comfort

Experiencing issues with your heat pump? Modern Comfort provides useful troubleshooting steps to restore its functionality. If problems persist, our experts are ready to assist!

1. Check the Thermostat’s Power:

    • Confirm the thermostat has power; a blank display indicates a power issue.
    • For battery-powered units, replace old batteries.
    • Hardwired units: Reset or replace the circuit breaker or fuse in your home’s electrical panel.

2. Check Unit Power:

    • Verify the ON setting for the power switch on the indoor air handler and the outdoor unit.
    • Examine the electrical panel for tripped breakers or blown fuses; reset or replace if needed.

3. Thermostat’s Fan Settings:

    • Set the thermostat's fan switch to AUTO, not ON, to avoid continuous blower operation.
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Outdoor Heat Pump

4. Adjust Thermostat Settings:

    • Lower the thermostat's set temperature to trigger a cooling cycle if it seems unresponsive.

5. Check Registers:

    • Ensure all vents are open and unblocked for proper air circulation.

6. Check Air Filter:

    • Replace a clogged air filter to maintain airflow and prevent overheating.

7. Call Modern Comfort for Heat Pump Repair:

    • If issues persist, contact Modern Comfort for professional heat pump repair. Our technicians will identify and fix the problem, restoring comfort to your home.

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