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Water Heater Repair Ellicott City, MD

Water Heater Repair Ellicott City, MD

Imagine it’s chilly outside. All you want to do is warm up by taking a steamy, hot shower. You step in the shower and turn the hot water knob, but there is a shocking surprise that sends shivers throughout your body.

There is not only no hot water, the water coming through the hot water pipe is about as cold as the outdoor air.

A highly functional water heater is a fact of life for Ellicot City, Maryland residents. Having hot water is a necessary amenity regardless of the time of year.

If your water heater needs repair, turn to the licensed and bonded HVAC professionals at Modern Comfort Systems for fast and efficient service.

Common Types of Water Heaters

There is not a one size fits all solution for repairing water heaters. We address repair issues for a large number of different types of water heaters. The type of water heater you have determines how our team of HVAC specialists approaches the repair process.

Here are the most common types of water heaters:

  • Condensing
  • Heat pump
  • Tankless
  • Solar powered
  • Conventional storage tank

Whether you have a tankless water heater or a traditional heat pump, our experienced HVAC technicians are equipped with the tools to ensure your equipment is working smoothly and efficiently.

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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Ellicot City, MD

It should not take an icy cold shower on a chilly day for you to notice your water heater needs repair work done. There are plenty of signs that should motivate you to call Modern Comfort Systems right away. Some signs include the following:

Discolored Water

When you detect water coming out of any faucet that is discolored, then you have an issue that requires you to act with a sense of urgency. The build up of sediment can cause a water pipe to rust, which in turn leads to compromised small pieces of the pipe tainting the water supply. Water discoloration often precedes noticeable damage to a water heater. Call Modern Comfort Systems the moment you notice any change to the color of your water.

Back and Forth Water Temperatures

Water that comes out of a faucet that is hot one day and cold the next day probably means the water heater has fallen into disrepair. Fluctuating water temperatures most likely mean mineral deposits have started to accumulate within the water heater. Calling one of our professionals to take a look at your water heater can prevent additional damage. This means we can repair your water heater, which will cost less than replacing it.

Strange Noises

Although your eyes can help you detect a water heater issue, your ears can also play a vital role in keeping your water heater in mint condition. You should respond to any strange noises that you hear coming from the water heater by calling Modern Comfort Systems. There might be a crack within the water heater that is forcing out air.

Finally, discovering pools of water around the water heater might mean the heater has one or more areas where water is leaking on the floor.

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Approaching a damaged water heater with the mindset of “The problem will eventually go away” can lead to a much bigger issue down the road. If you see and/or see visible signs of a dysfunctional water heater, you have to be proactive by contacting a team of certified HVAC professionals that ensure Ellicot City, Maryland homeowners have hot running water throughout the year.

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