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Price Protection Enrollment

Price Protection shields you from dramatic heating oil price increases by “capping” your heating price for a season. This capped heating oil price is the highest your per-gallon price can go during that season. Price Protection provides another important advantage. If our market price is lower than your capped price at the time of your deliveries, we’ll automatically give you the lower of the two heating oil prices!

Price Protection Eligibility

Customers who are set up on Automatic Delivery and a Monthly Payment Plan are eligible to participate in Price Protection. There is an annual fee to enroll in Price Protection.

Is Price Protection Right for You?

Although savings are never guaranteed, Price Protection may be a good choice for you if you use 600 gallons of oil or more per season, and having some price certainty helps to ease your mind. We are happy to talk to you about Price Protection. Just give us a call or contact us.

Lock-In vs. Capped Heating Oil Price Comparison

  • Price Protection sets a maximum per-gallon heating oil price for all of the oil you receive in a season. This is sometimes called a capped heating oil price.
  • Price Protection allows you to take advantage of low or declining heating oil prices. We automatically give you the lower price.
  • Price Protection saves you money if heating oil prices rise above your cap price and those savings off-set the annual enrollment fee.
  • Consumers who lock in a heating oil price pay the same price all season, regardless of market price. This is sometimes called a fixed heating oil price.
  • With a locked-in price, consumers are required to pay that locked price even if heating oil prices fall below their locked price during the season.
  • Consumers who lock in a heating oil price are usually bound by a contract and are obligated to pay their lock-in price, regardless of the actual market price. Cancellation fees can be $200 or more.
  • We believe Price Protection is a better option for customers. Therefore, we do not offer or recommend a lock-in heating oil price.