Affordable Mini Split Installation & Upgrades

Our team of skilled technicians specializes in delivering flawless mini split installations customized to your unique requirements. Whether you're considering replacing an old unit or upgrading to a more energy-efficient model, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Recognizing the individuality of each home, our experts collaborate closely with you to suggest the ideal mini split solution for your space.

Common Mini Split Brands we Service:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
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This extensive coverage enables us to cater to diverse preferences and requirements, ensuring that our clients have access to top-notch solutions from leading brands in the mini split industry.

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Mini Split Upgrades & Replacement

Upgrading your mini split system comes with several advantages:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency:

  • Newer models often feature advanced technologies that enhance energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills.

2. Enhanced Comfort Control:

  • Upgraded offers more precise temperature control and additional features like programmable settings, ensuring optimal comfort in different seasons.

3. Advanced Technology:

  • Modern mini split systems incorporate the latest technological advancements, providing improved performance, reliability, and additional functionalities.

4. Cost Savings:

  • While the initial investment for an upgrade is incurred, the long-term cost savings through improved efficiency can offset the upfront expenses.
Mini Split Upgrade
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5. Quiet Operation:

  • Many upgraded mini split models are designed for quieter operation, reducing noise levels and contributing to a more peaceful indoor environment.

6. Smart Home Integration:

  • Some upgraded mini splits offer compatibility with smart home systems, allowing for convenient control through smartphones or other connected devices.

7. Extended Lifespan:

  • Newer systems tend to have a longer lifespan, providing you with reliable heating and cooling for an extended period.

8. Environmentally Friendly:

  • Upgraded mini splits often use eco-friendly refrigerants and advanced technologies, contributing to a reduced environmental impact.

Mini Split Replacement Costs

What is the Cost of Mini Split Replacement?

The installation cost for a mini split typically ranges from $2,000 to $14,500, with an average cost of around $3,000. Whether you're seeking consistent comfort for entertaining guests throughout the year or replacing a malfunctioning window unit with a more durable and efficient cooling solution, a mini split could be the ideal choice.

Here's a breakdown of the cost for different types of ductless mini splits:

  • Single-zone: $2,000 – $6,000
  • Multi-zone: $3,200 – $14,500
  • Wall-mounted: $700 – $4,100
  • Ceiling-mounted: $2,400 – $6,400
  • Floor-mounted: $1,600 – $3,300
  • Ceiling cassette: $1,800 – $5,800

These cost variations allow flexibility based on your specific requirements, ensuring you can choose a mini split system that fits both your cooling needs and budget constraints.

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What To Look For When Installing A New Mini Split?

When considering the replacement of a mini split system, several crucial factors come into play to ensure you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. System Age and Efficiency: Check your mini split's age; if it's nearing its 15-year lifespan, replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient model can bring long-term cost savings.
  2. Technological Advances: Stay updated on the latest technological advancements in mini split systems.
  3. Energy Efficiency Ratings: Check the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of prospective mini split systems.
  4. Zoning Requirements: Evaluate your zoning requirements. This allows you to independently control the temperature in various zones for optimal comfort.
  5. Installation Considerations: Assess the existing infrastructure for compatibility with the new mini split system.
  6. Budgetary Constraints: Establish a budget for the replacement project, considering both the upfront cost of the new mini split system and potential long-term energy savings.
  7. Warranty and Maintenance: Review the warranty offered by manufacturers for the new mini split system.
  8. Climate Considerations: Consider your local climate when selecting a new mini split system.
  9. Professional Consultation: Seek professional advice from HVAC technicians or specialists.

Mini Split Installation & Upgrade FAQs