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HVAC Service Highspire, PA

HVAC systems are important for maintaining a stable temperature as the weather outside changes throughout the year. A properly functioning HVAC system is absolutely essential on hot summer days and cold winter nights.

Air Conditioning Service

When the seasons change from winter to summer, checking the HVAC system is important. Qualified HVAC technicians can inspect the refrigerant levels, remove debris, clean out the ducts, and clean the coils. It’s also the perfect time to clean out the filters. They might have a buildup of particles, thereby decreasing the system’s efficiency.

During the summer, service calls may be required to keep the HVAC system running smoothly. Don’t ignore common symptoms that indicate a possible problem in the system. For instance, if the HVAC system doesn’t turn on or off instantly, then you probably need to give us a call. Is the thermostat not working correctly? That’s another sign that the HVAC system has a fault that needs to be addressed. Our technicians often find problems due to improper maintenance, malfunctioning thermostats, blocked drains, filthy condenser coils, insufficient refrigerant, or frozen evaporator coils. Get in touch with Modern Comfort Systems if you suspect there is an issue with your air conditioning system.

Heating Service

As the season transitions from summer to winter, your heating system needs to be running smooth. Give our HVAC Highspire, PA service a call for maintenance to detect potential problems. It’s a good idea to request an inspection for potential faults ahead of time. When properly maintained, the heating system will not malfunction during the middle of the winter. Heating service technicians can adjust the burners, carry out safety checks, replace filters, and inspect the heating ignition system.

Request Service

You may need to call a technician for emergency repairs if certain symptoms begin to manifest. Common symptoms include irregular heating cycles, odd noises, the blower running constantly, and insufficient heat to warm the house. Don’t delay giving Modern Comfort Systems a call if you notice any of these problems.

Heating systems in Highspire, PA typically last for 10-20 years. The lifetime depends on several factors such as brand, build quality, and model. Of course, these things are out of your control. However, you can extend your HVAC system’s lifespan by keeping an eye out for any symptoms and getting them fixed immediately.

Professional HVAC Service

Basic maintenance tasks are possible without a technician, such as rinsing outdoor units or cleaning the filters. However, technicians should fix complicated HVAC problems that require complicated parts and equipment. The process of troubleshooting and fixing HVAC problems is not as simple as it looks. Technicians spend years training and gathering experience to complete a wide variety of repair jobs.

When selecting HVAC services in Highspire, PA, it’s best to go with a team of fully trained technicians. Also, they should have complete knowledge of old and new systems. That means they can fix old equipment, but also install new units if you want to upgrade. Competitive pricing and quick response times are also important qualities.

Contact Modern Comfort Systems

Here at Modern Comfort Systems, we respond to HVAC service calls 24/7. You can call us during the day, or in the middle of the night, and a fully qualified technician will arrive shortly anywhere in the Highspire, PA area. Our technicians have several years of experience and hold all relevant certifications to expertly address any problem.

We provide a quote for each job and there are no hidden fees. We believe in an honest and transparent pricing structure. The work begins only after you agree to the quote. Our technicians are respectful of your property, so they work quietly without leaving a mess. Call us at 717-534-1903 for information on how our Highspire, PA service can help you.