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HVAC Service Elizabethtown, PA

You depend on your HVAC system to keep you cool in the burning hot summer and warm in those icy winter temperatures. But no matter how high quality your system is, it will eventually need service to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

Service Calls for Heating Systems

The heating system in your Elizabethtown, PA home or office really needs a service call as you enter those chilly months of fall and winter. The goal of a service call is to check the safety and performance of the heating portion of your HVAC system. Typical heating service calls include checking flame operation, the heat exchanger, and the gas pressure as well as inspecting critical components such as the pilot light/igniter. An HVAC service technician will typically check and then clean or replace the filter, adjusting the burners, and perform key safety checks.

Service calls may be necessary when issues develop, too. If you notice any of these systems, then you need to schedule an appointment to have a technician check your heating system:

    • The blower runs continuously
    • The blower cycles on and off too frequently
    • The blower begins making odd noises
    • The system is not keeping your house warm

The most common causes of such symptoms include a malfunctioning thermostat, issues with ignition control, leaky ductwork, too little fuel, or simply a lack of maintenance. Keep in mind that the average lifetime of a heating system ranges from 10 – 20 years, depending on the make, model and brand of your HVAC system. Regular maintenance and seasonal service calls can extend its life, and save you money.

Service Calls for Air Conditioning

When it comes time to make that switch from heating your home to cooling it, then it’s also time to make an appointment for an HVAC service call for your Elizabethtown, PA home. Just like we talked about for heating systems, these service calls will prepare your air conditioning system to run safely and efficiently as the hot weather approaches.

An HVAC service technician will perform tasks such as removing debris from your outside cooling unit, cleaning the coils, cleaning the condensation lines, checking your refrigerant levels, checking your ductwork for leaks, and replacing or cleaning the filter on your system.

If your cooling system shows any of these symptoms, you really need to schedule an HVAC service call:

  • Running continuously without shutting off
  • Keeps turning on and off in very short cycles
  • Energy bills keep rising
  • Cannot keep your home cool

Most of these problems are related to low levels of refrigerant, frozen evaporator coils, dirty condenser coils, malfunctioning thermostat, clogged drains, or poor maintenance. However, you need the help of an HVAC service center in Elizabethtown, PA to find the exact cause and address it correctly.

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Choosing the Right HVAC Service

You can perform basic maintenance tasks like rinsing off your outdoor unit and replacing the filter on a regular basis, but there are times when you really need a professional HVAC service call. HVAC professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your heating and cooling system.

If you are looking for HVAC service in Elizabethtown, PA, you will need a company that has technicians with advanced knowledge of both old and new systems along with the experience needed to do quality work. Quick repair quotes, industry competitive pricing, and technicians that arrive on time are also important. Finally, look for a company that offers 24/7 service so that you can help even if your system breaks down in the night.

Contact Modern Comfort Systems

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