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HVAC Repair Elizabethtown, PA

You come home after a summer vacation only to find your home is stifling even though you can hear you HVAC system running. Or maybe you wake up on a winter night to a home that is far more chilly than it needs to be, but the heater won’t kick in. When things like this happen, you definitely need the services of a local HVAC repair company.

Symptoms of HVAC Problems

Regardless of what kind of HVAC system you have, there are certain common signs that indicate you need to call an Elizabethtown, PA HVAC repair shop.

  • Your HVAC system operates continuously even after you switch it off
  • Your HVAC system fails to start
  • You constantly have to adjust the thermostat to stay comfortable
  • Your energy bills keep going up
  • Your HVAC system has started making a new sound when it starts

If you have any of these problems, ignoring them will not make them go away. They are all indications that your HVAC system is in need of service and repair.

What To Expect on an HVAC Repair Call

You can expect your Elizabethtown, PA service call to start out with quite a few questions about what the symptoms are, what is going on when they appear, and whether you’ve noticed any other changes in your HVAC system.

Next, the trained technician will likely take temperature measurements at different vents, check your outdoor unit, and possibly take some electrical readings from the indoor unit using a multimeter. You’ll probably notice the HVAC technician trying to recreate the symptoms you describe, which may include starting/stopping the unit several times and making changes to the thermostat.

Request Service

Such actions are all part of the troubleshooting process that enables an HVAC professional to track down the most likely cause of your system’s problems.

HVAC Repair Quotes

Once the technician feels that the root issue has been identified, you will receive an HVAC repair quote. It will detail what needs to be done to get your system running correctly, the cost of any parts that are needed, the estimated man hours involved, charge per hour, and the total combined cost. The repairs won’t begin until you have signed off on the quote.

Sometimes the problem with your Elizabethtown, PA system will be something simple, like cleaning a flame sensor or recharging the refrigerant in the system. In other cases, the repairs may be more complex or costly, such as those for a damaged control board.

Also, keep in mind that an honest HVAC service company won’t add any hidden fees or charges to the final bill once the repairs are complete.

HVAC Repair Services

Once you have agreed to the quote and signed it, the actual repair process starts. Most HVAC service trucks will have the most commonly used parts in stock, but sometimes the technician may need to return to the shop for a part or visit a local HVAC supply company. In a worst case scenario, you may have to wait to get a part or component shipped. These can lead to unavoidable delays. Once the technician has all the components in hand that are needed to fix your Elizabethtown, PA HVAC system, the repair process begins. Note that a quality repair service will thoroughly test the system after the repair has been completed to ensure it has been performed correctly and that your problem has been fixed.

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