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hvac services carroll county md

HVAC Services Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County dates back to 1837 when it was named after Charles Carroll, one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. Some great landmarks include Grace Lutheran Church, located in Westminster, the county’s seat. The county has a rich history, even having a battle in the Civil War fought in the streets of Westminster. With a long history of European immigrants into the area, the landscape has a rich mix of cultures. There are many beautiful buildings and homes.

Modern Comfort Systems serves this area by taking care of a variety of HVAC needs, making sure that the population always stays comfortable.

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Heating Services

During those cold winters, it’s critical to have a reliable heating system for your home. As your home ages, typically your heating system will need proper servicing, and when it’s at the end of its life, a full replacement.

Whether you have a gas propane furnace, oil furnace, or broiler, our installation teams will make sure your new system is up and running in no time.

We can do heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and even hybrid systems. What sets us apart is our amazing service, and also a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

That way you can rest assured that your investment is safe, and your home is warm in the winter time.

We can also service your unit and usually can even get to it the same day. With annual tune-ups, you can stay ahead of failures by using proper maintenance. There are also a variety of service plans to choose from.

Air Conditioning Services

Those hot summers can be very uncomfortable when your air conditioning system is not running properly. As systems age, they also loose efficiency, making your energy bills go up.

We offer high efficiency air conditioning system replacement to get you the latest technology, and shave off those expensive energy bills.

If your AC unit is acting up, go ahead and give us a call so that we can get it back up and running fast.

That way you don’t have to suffer on those hot days. We can fix all makes and models with fast and efficient repair services.

Water Heater Services

Every so often, your water heater will go out. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals and get a high quality unit installed.

The most common option is a tank water heater. Whether you need a natural gas, propane, oil fired, or electric water heater, we have you covered. We offer a variety of different types and sizes, perfect for your needs.

If you have a high demand for hot water, consider going with a tankless water heater. These units don’t store hot water in a tank, they heat the water on demand. This saves a lot more on energy bills because it doesn’t require hot water to be sitting around waiting until you need it.

We can also service your unit if something breaks. With 24/7 service, you don’t have to worry about not getting your problem fixed fast with us.