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Heating Installation Mount Joy, PA

Winter in Pennsylvania means low temperatures and harsh weather, as well as plenty of snow and ice. While those can be lovely, they can also mean your heating system working overtime to keep you warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, every year, many homeowners end up freezing on a cold morning when their furnace is not working properly. While maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your furnace, you will eventually need to invest in a new heating installation in Mount Joy, PA.

At Modern Comfort Systems, our team is proud to offer a full spectrum of heating services, including system maintenance, inspection, repair, and heating installation in Mount Joy, PA. All of our heating technicians are highly skilled, trained, and fully licensed. We care about giving you quality advice and competitive repair quotes, so you can trust that we will give you the same advance we would give our own family and friends. How can we help your home be a safe and comfortable place? 

What Are the Signs I Need Heating Installation in Mount Joy, PA?

Homeowners should all understand the key signs that their heating system is in need of repair or a new heating installation in Mount Joy, PA. We care about you getting the exact repairs or service that you need, so we make every effort to come up with effective and affordable repairs that can help you avoid outright heating replacement. Unfortunately, every heating system will eventually need to be replaced, so repairs are not always enough to make your furnace work properly again. Once the projected cost of repairs outweighs 50% of the cost of a new heating installation in Mount Joy, PA, it’s a better investment to get a new system. 

Some of the signs that you might need an inspection to determine if you need heating repairs or a new heater include:

  • Bad indoor air quality
  • Ductwork with visible cracks, gaps, leaks, or holes
  • Rooms with an uneven temperature or wild temperature fluctuations from room to room
  • Visible damage to the furnace
  • Poor air flow out of your vents, or cold air coming out instead of warm air
  • Strange noises coming from the furnace like buzzing, banging, or clanging sounds
  • Increases in your energy bills without another cause
  • Having to adjust your thermostat constantly to make the temperature consistent
  • A furnace that is over 10-15 years old

While some of these things can be resolved with an affordable repair, others make a new heating installation in Mount Joy, PA the most cost-effective option. At Modern Comfort Systems, we drive fully stocked trucks so that we can act quickly and make most repairs on the spot. If you do decide to invest in a new heating system, we can help you find the perfect one for your needs. 

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What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting a New Furnace?

Because a heating installation in Mount Joy, PA is such a significant investment, you should take care when choosing your new furnace or system. Some of the factors you should consider include:

  • Energy efficiency 
  • Size of the unit compared to the size of your home
  • The type of furnace that you want, including single-stage burners, dual-stage burners, and modulating burners
  • If you’d like to try zoning for your furnace, or dividing the home into different areas that are controlled by independent thermostats
  • Warranty 
  • Rebates or incentives that can lower the cost of heating installation in Mount Joy, PA
  • Price

No matter what type of furnace or heating system you choose, Modern Comfort Systems is here to help install and maintain it. 

What Heating Systems Can Modern Comfort Systems Install and Maintain? 

Our heating and air conditioning technicians are trained and factory-certified in all necessary HVAC services that you need. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance for a comprehensive range of heating systems. If you are interested in new heating installation in Mount Joy, PA, we can help with all makes and models of:

  • Gas furnaces and boilers 
  • Propane furnaces and boilers
  • Oil furnaces and boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Hybrid systems
  • Ductless systems
  • And more!

If you are not sure what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Where Can I Get Heating Installation in Mount Joy, PA?

Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling offers high-quality heating installation in Mount Joy, PA for homeowners like you. Call us today at 717-534-1903 to schedule an appointment and make your home the comfortable, warm place it should be all winter long.