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Heating Installation Hanover, PA

Heating Installation Hanover, PA

Pennsylvania homeowners get to experience the beauty of all four seasons, from the beautiful breezes of spring to the crisp air in fall. However, summers are known for being hot and the winters can be cold, snowy and harsh. You need your heating system to properly support your heating needs without breaking the bank. Modern Comfort Systems offers heating inspection, maintenance, repair and installation to all of our customers. As a provider of heating installation in Hanover, PA, our skilled technicians can rapidly diagnose problems with your system. We have fully-stocked trucks and can perform necessary repairs or install a new system with ease.

What Are the Signs I Need Heating Installation in Hanover, PA?

In some cases, after an inspection to determine whether or not repairs can be made, some heating systems are so damaged that maintenance or simple repairs cannot remedy the problem. It’s our goal to help every customer find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their situation, so we will always let you know all of your options.

Some of the signs that you might need new heating installation in Hanover, PA include:

  • A heating system that is noisier than usual or making clanging, banging or hissing sounds
  • Drastic temperature changes from room to room
  • Rooms or areas of the home that are not heating at all
  • Steep energy bills or energy bills that suddenly spike
  • Ductwork with cracks, gaps or leaks
  • A furnace that is not putting out enough air
  • A heating system that is over 10-15 years old
  • You are adjusting the thermostat multiple times a day to find a temperature that is comfortable
  • Poor indoor air quality

An inefficient or outdated heating system can be as bad as not having a functioning heating system at all. In general, once the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the cost of a new unit, it’s best to invest in a new system. Our technicians can help determine what repairs are necessary and give you the information necessary to decide how you would like to proceed. Whether you choose repairs or heating installation in Hanover, PA, we are here to help.

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What Happens During the Heating Installation Process?

From the moment that you place your first call to Modern Comfort Systems, you can feel confident that your needs will be taken care of. Right on time for your appointment, one of our licensed and trained technicians will visit your home. We will shut off the power to your unit for safety and thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of the unit to identify any problems. Next, we will speak with you about what repairs should be completed and provide an honest quote. It is always your choice whether to repair or replace your unit, and we give you the same advice that we would give a member of our family. As an experienced business offering heating installation in Hanover, PA, we can complete your new heater installation as quickly as possible to restore your heat and comfort.

What Heating Systems Does Modern Comfort Systems Install?

We are certified and trained in how to inspect, repair and replace a broad range of heating systems. We can complete heating installation in Hanover, PA for all makes and models of:

  • Gas furnaces and boilers
  • Propane furnaces and boilers
  • Oil furnaces and boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Hybrid systems
  • Ductless systems

The time and money you spend now taking care of your heating system with a new heating installation in Hanover, PA can prevent more serious problems from happening in the future. The heating system in your home is one of the most critical systems in your home, and having it break suddenly could leave you cold, facing safety hazards and even experiencing health problems due to poor air quality.

Where Can I Get Heating Installation in Hanover, PA?

Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling offers high-quality heating installation in Hanover, PA for homeowners like you. Call us today at 717-633-1286 to schedule an appointment and make your home the comfortable, warm place it should be all winter long.