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Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance 

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Just like most other appliances in your home, air conditioners require ongoing maintenance to ensure they’re running efficiently. An annual AC tune-up, including inspection, servicing, and cleaning, plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your system. Air conditioning maintenance provides you and your loved ones with cleaner air, reliable cooling, and improved system efficiency to save you both stress and money in the future.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Keeps You Comfortable

When you receive maintenance from Modern Comfort Systems for your home or office air conditioning system, your space will always be cool and comfortable. We go over every component of your AC system to ensure it functions without flaws, even when the temperatures reach triple digits. There’s no sense putting your comfort and well-being at risk when our AC experts are here to tune-up, service, and clean your whole system from top to bottom.

The Basics of AC Maintenance

There is a common misconception that air conditioning maintenance is an optional (and often unnecessary) quick once-over of the system when, in fact, the opposite is true. Every air conditioning system needs a yearly tune-up and in-depth analysis regardless of its age, make, and model. This preventative maintenance reduces the chance of future expensive repairs and ensures the system functions at its best all year long. If you needed further proof of the importance of regular maintenance, many AC system manufacturer warranties require that you have an annual tune-up.

In-depth air conditioning service and maintenance involves an analysis of the air conditioner filter.  Aged, clogged, or dirty filters force your system to operate at an unnecessarily high frequency and often transmit dirty air into your living or working space. Air conditioner coils require ongoing maintenance as they gradually collect dirt that minimizes airflow and prevents the coil from absorbing heat. Truly in-depth AC maintenance involves a coil fin analysis to ensure air can move through the coil without issue.

Professional AC Maintenance Is a Just Call Away

Even if you don’t notice obvious AC malfunctions, you should still have your system inspected yearly. Annual air conditioning maintenance keeps the system functioning at its peak capacity regardless of how hot it gets outside.  Modern Comfort Systems has the knowledge and experience necessary to service and maintain AC systems of all makes, models, and ages. Reach out to our team at 410-705-4732 to schedule service today.