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AC Services Palmyra, PA

Pennsylvania is known for its cold winters and its hot summers, and air conditioning is critical to stay comfortable during the hottest days. Even if you invest in preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system, you might find yourself in need of repair or replacement on a humid Palmyra morning. Modern Comfort Systems offers a comprehensive range of AC services in Palmyra, PA designed to prevent issues with your AC, repair your existing system or install a new AC that is perfect for your home. All of our HVAC technicians are certified and trained, and we can work quickly to determine the issue, provide a competitive quote, complete the installation or repair and get your house cool again.

What Are the Signs I Need AC Services in Palmyra, PA?

Some problems with your AC system will be obvious, like hot air coming out instead of cold air. Others are harder to detect and might be gradual. Some of the signs that you should call our team for AC services in Palmyra, PA include:

  • High humidity levels indoors when the air conditioner is running
  • Warm air instead of cool air
  • Frequent cycling, or kicking on and off with little time in between
  • No air flow
  • Poor air flow
  • A thermostat that needs constant adjustment to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Strange sounds or smells coming from the unit
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home
  • Visible moisture around the unit
  • And more!

Some of the issues above only need simple repairs, but others require more in-depth solutions or the replacement of the AC unit entirely. Our technicians will work to rapidly determine the issue and make repairs. We want all of our clients to be informed, so we go above and beyond to make sure you have the information you need to make a confident decision.

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What AC Services Does Modern Comfort Systems Offer?

We provide service, repair and replacements for clients throughout Palmyra, PA.

  • AC Repair: Our repairs are designed to get your AC system running again as soon as possible. We drive fully stocked trucks so that we can handle most repairs on the spot.
  • Tune-Ups: Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding urgent, expensive repairs in the future and keep your system in the best condition possible. If you have an air conditioning unit that is still under warranty, annual tune-ups are typically required to keep the manufacturer’s warranty active.
  • Service Plans: As part of our dedication to helping as many clients as possible, we also offer affordable service plans that can decrease the cost of repairs and include the cost of your annual tune-up. These are the most affordable way to take great care of your air conditioning unit.
  • Installation: As a general rule of thumb, once the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the cost of a new unit, it’s a good idea to opt for an AC replacement instead of repairs.

What Types of AC Systems Can We Maintain, Repair and Install?

Our HVAC technicians for AC services in Palmyra, PA are fully certified and trained in maintaining, repairing and installing a full range of AC systems. They are factory trained and nationally certified in all makes and models of AC units, and they know how to care of your unit while keeping your warranty intact. Our team can support your family whenever you need it, whether you require preventative maintenance or one-time repair, with our AC services in Palmyra, PA.

Where Can I Get AC Services in Palmyra, PA?

Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling offers high-quality AC services in Palmyra, PA for homeowners like you. Call us today at (717) 633-1286 to schedule an appointment and make your home the comfortable, cool place it should be all summer long.