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AC Repair Westminster, MD

Stay cool when you need it most with air repair services from Modern Comfort Systems.

When it’s summertime in Westminster, MD your air conditioning system knows it. The high humidity and temperatures in the 90’s mean your unit is working overtime. If your cooling system starts under performing, it becomes a worrying time.

Modern Comfort Systems has repaired air conditioning systems for more than 40 years. Our licensed technicians handle all types of services and situations, earning residents’ trust one by one. Our commitment to superior service and customer satisfaction is why people contact us when they need AC repair.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Often several issues occur at once, causing an air conditioning unit to fail. Understanding the cause of a problem makes it easier to start the AC repair process. Some of the most common air conditioning problems include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Electrical failure
  • Hot air
  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Mechanical failure
  • Puddles on the floor
  • Unusual noises
  • Unusual sounds

A refrigerant leak is an example of a single problem with multiple side effects. Refrigerants keep your air conditioning running smoothly, releasing heat from the air and lowering the temperature. A weak charge or leak causes refrigerant levels to dip, along with the unit’s overall performance.

A Modern Comfort Systems technician will diagnose the system to determine the leak’s cause. They use professional-grade tools and fully stocked trucks to patch the hole and refill the refrigerant. AC repair restores the correct refrigerant charge, so your cooling system runs efficiently again.

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Emergency AC Repairs

AC repairs never happen when it’s convenient for you. You may find yourself on the wrong end of warm air on the weekend or in the middle of the night. Modern Comfort Systems can help, no matter the timing, size, or complexity of the issue.

Here are a couple of things to do in the meantime:

Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner

A little troubleshooting can make a massive difference. Check various components, such as the air filter, thermostat, circuit breakers, and vents, for visible damage. For instance, a dirty air filter reduces airflow and causes equipment failure. Pinpointing the problem makes it easier for us to streamline repairs.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

A simple flick of the on/off switch can work wonders for an overworked air conditioning unit. Turning off the system lets it start anew, and potentially eliminate problems, such as loud noises or high energy bills. If your air conditioning unit is beyond repair, our technicians may recommend system replacement.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A loyal customer is more than good business. It’s a way of life. Modern Comfort Systems believes customer loyalty is far more important than a single purchase.

Our goal is to serve people across Westminster, MD, now and in the future. We work relentlessly to provide high-quality service and repairs people have come to expect in the last four decades. It’s why some people have made us the only AC repair business they will ever use.

Modern Comfort Systems takes the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals. We work with you to provide long-lasting AC repairs at competitive prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians keep you posted every step of the way.

Get the comfort you need on-demand with Modern Comfort Systems in Westminster, MD. Give us a call at (410) 705-4895 to schedule an appointment and free consultation.