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AC Repair Hershey, PA

Every Hershey homeowner dreads the thought of waking up on a summer morning only to find that their air conditioning is not working. Once the weather becomes hot and humid, getting your home comfortable again is critical. Modern Comfort Systems offers AC repair in Hershey, PA that is convenient, responsive, cost-effective and fast. We know how to quickly assess your air conditioner to find the key problem, provide you with a competitive quote, take care of the repairs and ensure your system is working again. We have experienced HVAC technicians who can take care of all of your air conditioning needs, including installing a new system, preventative maintenance and AC repair in Hershey, PA.

What Are the Signs I Need AC Repair in Hershey, PA?

Sometimes it’s easy to tell that something is wrong with your air conditioning unit, as it won’t turn on or warm air is coming out of the vents. In other cases, there might be a subtle issue that indicates an underlying problem that could worsen over time and turn into a serious problem.

Some of the signs that you should call Modern Comfort Systems for AC repair in Hershey, PA include:

  • Air coming from your vents that isn’t cold or that is actively warm
  • Poor air flow
  • Moisture or condensation accumulating in strange places on or near the unit
  • Strange sounds, like metallic grinding, screeching or banging
  • Unpleasant odors
  • High cooling bills, particularly compared to past summers or periods of time with a similar temperature range
  • Thermostat problems
  • Needing frequent repairs
  • High humidity levels indoors
  • A unit that is over 10 years old
  • And more!

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Some of the problems above are indicators that your AC unit is simply getting older, but others indicate that there is a bigger problem that could eventually compromise your entire system and leave you hot and uncomfortable. Our experienced HVAC technicians will act fast to find the problem and make repairs to restore your system and your comfort.

What Happens During the AC Repair Process?

First, you will make a call to the team at Modern Comfort Systems for AC repair in Hershey, PA. Next, we will help you schedule an appointment window for us to visit your home. Right on time, one of our technicians will arrive to perform your repairs. We are trained, licensed and experienced, so you can feel good that you are in the right hands. Our trucks are fully stocked so that most repairs can be completed on the spot. As a general rule of thumb, after the cost of repairs outweighs 50% of the cost of a new unit, it’s a better investment to replace it outright.

We offer honest pricing and never ask our clients to guess how much their repairs and service will cost. If you’re ready to take great care of your AC system and a discount on repairs, we offer convenient service plans that lower the price of repairs and provide you with essential maintenance.

What AC Systems Do We Repair?

All of our technicians who perform AC repair in Hershey, PA are factory trained and certified in maintaining and repairing a full spectrum of air conditioning systems. We have worked hard to gain and maintain our reputation as a company that cares about customers, and we are here to support you however we can through maintenance, installation and AC repair in Hershey, PA.

Where Can I Get AC Repair in Hershey, PA?

Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling offers high-quality AC repair in Hershey, PA for homeowners like you. Call us today at (717) 534-1903 to schedule an appointment and make your home the comfortable, cool place it should be all summer long.