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AC Installation Westminster, MD

Let us take care of your air. Call the AC installation experts at Modern Comfort Systems.

It’s hard to imagine a time before air conditioning. The cooling system, which has been around since 1902, is a staple of households across Westminster, MD. If you find yourself battling sweltering summer heat or unusually high electricity bills, it’s time to contact the AC installation team at Modern Comfort Systems.

Modern Comfort Systems has performed tens of thousands of AC installations for home and business owners across Maryland. We’ve made a name for ourselves with reliable service and cost-effective solutions that help your dollar go further. It’s why people have trusted us for their AC installation for more than 40 years.

Our Process

Every air conditioning unit is different, whether it’s the brand, age, or location. Modern Comfort Systems provides the same scrupulous service for all of them. Here is how we would approach a split system air conditioner:

  • Choose a location and secure the mounting plate
  • Drill holes in the wall for pipes
  • Test the electrical connections before running pipes through the holes
  • Connect the pipes to the air conditioning unit
  • Secure the air conditioning unit to the mounting plate

Our technicians use a similar process when handling an outdoor condenser. The secret is the meticulous attention-to-detail to ensure proper AC installation every step of the way. That includes a final inspection to make sure your home receives the necessary airflow and cooling.

Anything less than a precise installation leaves your air conditioner vulnerable to low performance and long-term damage. For instance, improper pipe connections may lead to higher than average electricity bills, because your unit is working harder to supply cool air. While it’s tempting to DIY an AC installation, leave this job to the professionals at Modern Comfort Systems.

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Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Technology has improved in leaps and bounds since that first air conditioning unit more than a century ago. Modern AC installation is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s system. Replacing your old air conditioner with a high-performance model will improve energy efficiency while lowering energy bills.

Experts say you can improve your home’s cooling efficiency upwards of 40% with a state-of-the-art AC installation. Some of the leading brands have SEER values up to 24, which measures electrical efficiency. Note that the minimum SEER level for an air conditioner is 14.

If you find your air conditioning unit delivering subpar performance, Modern Comfort Systems can help. We repair all major makes and models of indoor and outdoor systems.

The Modern Comfort Systems Difference

Modern Comfort Systems ensures a positive experience for everyone, whether they are a first-timer or repeat customer. That includes on-time service appointments, flexible scheduling, fully-stock vans, and a satisfaction guarantee.

We even train and certify our technicians to have the skills and insight necessary to tackle every imaginable situation. Learn more about the qualifications of our team and schedule your AC installation today.

Modern Comfort Systems believes customer satisfaction is more than a savvy business move; it is a way of life. That is why our technicians go above and beyond to meet your needs for projects big and small.

Give Modern Comfort Systems a call at (410) 705-4895. Get the AC installation you need just in time for the warm weather in Westminster, MD.