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Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling is Carroll County’s home heating and cooling specialist. We provide installation and service for all types of heating and air conditioning systems including oil, propane, gas, electric and geothermal systems.

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We could not be happier with the service, professionalism and products provided by Modern Comfort Systems. From the initial response to the follow-up after the sale, the experience was one of the best we've ever had. The sales staff worked with our schedule and answered all our questions and concerns. There were no high pressure sales tactics. The estimates were competitive. The installers were the best I've ever seen. They showed up on time and wasted no time performing the work. They left the job site cleaner than when they arrived. They even improved a few parts of the existing system after removing the previous unit. They took time to explain how to use the new system. The installation is clean and professional looking. And, most important, after the sale, Glen has been responsive to all our questions and concerns.

The Lennox variable system cost a little more and is worth it. It is so quiet we don't even know it is running. Our home is the most comfortable it has ever been. We have no regrets. And, our efficiency rating has gone from the average in our neighborhood to the most efficient of all the homes in our area. Our utility bills are significantly lower after upgrading to the new Lennox variable speed system.

JL, Westminster, MD


To whom it may concern:,
I am writing to inform you of the “beyond excellent” service I recently received from your staff.

I have an annual service contract on my oil burner. On December 31st, a technician came out for its annual cleaning and maintenance. About a week later, I encountered a “no heat” situation. The burner would not turn on. I called the office and a technician was out same day. The transformer and control unit needed to be replaced, which he did and we were quickly up and running. I have no trouble or issue there, parts go bad, it happens. I am in the Information Technology field and understand this all too well!

Fast-forward to last week. I noticed that on a few occasions that week that the burner had gone into lockout mode. Upon pressing the reset on the control unit, it would fire right up. I initially chalked it up to a fluke, but then it got to the point where it would run once it was reset, but would not restart without another reset.

My wife and I both work, and are raising our 8 month old daughter, so time is really at a premium for us. I called the office to set up an appointment for Saturday, but unfortunately only emergency calls are run over the weekends. No problem there, except that we were slated to be out of town next (this week) and really weren’t comfortable potentially leaving the house unheated. Normally, my wife is off on Friday’s, but with our hectic schedules, she plans all of her appointments for those days. She was home at the time I called your office, but she needed to leave within a few hours to make her appointments.

Sorry for the long introduction to this, but I wanted you to see the whole picture. First, the person who answered the phone to schedule the appointment for me was extremely helpful in trying to work out a solution that fits our needs. Unfortunately, I did not get her name, but I’m hoping you can find out who it was based on my work order. After consulting with the dispatcher and service manager, she agreed to get someone out as soon as possible.

Less than 1 hour from my call. There was a technician at my door, Neal #518. Frankly, my wife is normally on the skittish side in having “strange men” in the house when she’s there either alone or with our daughter, but your technician’s demeanor immediately put her at ease. He quickly diagnosed the problem as a faulty transformer..but…he didn’t have the right one on his truck. At that point, being fully aware of our time constraints, he presented my wife with options to try to meet HER needs and they agreed on a course of action. He left to meet up with another technician who had the correct part, and came back to install it. In no time, we were up and running and she was able to get on with her day. The total time from when I called until the technician left my house with a working furnace was around 2.5 hours. Try getting that type of service from BGE, Verizon, Comcast, etc. with at least those last 2, you would be lucky just to get someone to understand your request within 2.5 hours, much less get it resolved in that timeframe.

Having also worked in Customer Service management for over 15 years, I have high expectations for what I consider to be excellent service. Frankly, most organizations settle for mediocre service as a benchmark. However, your staff, from the point of my initial call clear through to resolution, was exemplary. They clearly understand service from the customer’s standpoint and are not just quoting “company policy”.

I hope your organization has a mechanism to recognize these types of people and the service they provide. It’s the perfect model of how to keep a customer while still maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Your company will remain our provider of choice for as long as we reside within your service area and we will recommend you to anyone looking for top-notch service.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this further.



Hi Hank,
I just wanted to let you know that your tech Phillip came by to fix our water heater and pretty much saved our lives. Ok maybe not that dramatic but he came in and fixed it in minutes and explained everything clearly. He was great and I just wanted to let you know. It's refreshing when a service guy does an above and beyond job.



Dear Modern Comfort,
I wanted to write you a letter to express my sincere gratitude for your efficient and courteous service. When I rang you up at 6:45 am and left a message, I received an immediate phone call back. The follow up was instantaneous and helpful. Then I received a follow up call from Chris to assure me a technician would be by that morning; he was actually in the neighborhood. I asked for and received a call to let me know he was on the way so I could leave work.

When I did arrive home, I found Phillip waiting. How helpful and courteous he was! My only regret is that more people and customer service are not as responsive and assistive as your company proved to be.

Many thanks to a professional job well done!



Good Morning,
I would like to thank Modern Comfort for the superior service I have received.

Recently your technicians installed a replacement air conditioner in my home.  Willie (517) and Brian (515) both handled the job in a most professional manner.  Throughout the installation, they respected our home and finished up in a clean and neat manner.

Then to top things off, Kim in your office was helpful when I needed information for the Lennox extended warranty.

You are fortunate to have employees of their caliber.

T. C.


Dear Mr. Larsen,
I am writing regarding my recent experience with Modern Comfort staff, as the WRC repaired and replaced our HVAC control system, replaced our oil tanks, repaired the boiler and transferred the overall care of our system to Modern Comfort. This process of obtaining estimates and completing the projects gave me ample opportunity to come in contact with a number of your staff, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been. Everyone has been utmost professionals, and I am so happy, along with the rest of my Board of Governors, that the WRC is now in the hands of Modern Comfort.

Glen Leppo was a real trooper working with me, as I began asking about replacing our antiquated control system and subsequent boiler repairs. When Glen brought Frank Hensley, Tom Eckard, Paul Pyles and Mike (not sure of his last name) through the facility, I knew this change was long overdue. Everyone showed genuine interest and skill in completing our projects. Paul and Jimmy were incredible getting the new Honeywell control system in and running, helping me get acclimated to it and bringing in the Honeywell rep to make sure it was 100%. I know others were here working, too, and I can assure you all were fantastic!

You and Mr. Tevis can certainly be proud of your workers! On behalf of the WRC board and members, I sincerely thank these gentlemen for all of their hard work for WRC.


To Whom It May Concern,
Please express our thanks and appreciation for the courtesy and time your representative provided us. Brett Groomes arrived in less than one hour of our call. He listened very carefully to our explanation of the problems we had been noting with our heating system. He explained fully what he was doing to diagnose the situation, and the problem seems to be corrected.

My wife and I were very impressed with his overall demeanor and that he accepted our description of the way the system had been misfunctioning. Frankly, we were ready to have to deal with someone that wouldn’t believe what we were relating. However, Brett’s every action and response clearly showed that he acknowledged what we were saying was in fact what was actually occurring.

He also took a few minutes to answer some questions about our humidifying system which hadn’t been explained by the installer from another firm.

He is an excellent representative of your company, and we will definitely insist that he will be individual servicing our system in the future.


Dear Modern Comfort,
A very sincere thanks to Frank for taking the extra step to find us a furnace, and to the two servicemen, Brian and Scott who worked soooo long and hard to install and remove the old furnace. Just wanted you to know your time and effort was Greatly Appreciated!!!

Clara Maxwell

Good morning,
I want to tell you how happy we are with the Lennox system that we had installed in our home by Modern Comfort. The system we had previously was installed by Modern Comfort as well. It was a Bryant. Not a good system. The difference between the two is an energy savings of about $225.00 per month. Yes I wrote $225.00 a month during the summer heating season. It is as if my wife and I got raises. My neighbor had a Lennox installed shortly after we did from a referral from us. Her original York system lasted 22 years, lucky her!

By the way thank you for the gas card. I asked her the other day about her electric bill, she said she is seeing a big savings as well. That eased my mind, I had been thinking there had to be something wrong. My thoughts kept going through how the system works, obviously from electric, was it wired in right, had to be it’s running. If its running it has to be going through the meter. BGE reads the meter every month we get a bill, $225.00 less. Sweet!! Its like a dream, too good to be true. I’m waiting to wake up and see the high electric bill again. The icing on the cake will be if the Lennox is reliable and low maintenance, outside of annual PMs.

To explain my skepticism this is our third system in 22 years. The first was the original York which lasted a whopping 12 years. That was a high electric bill as well. I am expecting great things from the Lennox, as a result from what we have experienced so far.

We will continue to refer friends and whoever we here about needing a new ac/heat system to Modern Comfort.

Best regards,
Dwight Womer


Dear Jack,
Not too long ago, I had an issue with a new heat pump that Modern Comfort Systems provided. There was an apparent manufacturer’s defect that impacted the unit’s performance. The problem was resolved and I wanted to inform you that your team made the entire process very painless. Both the installers and administrators were courteous, friendly and delivered/installed everything within the initially provided timeframe. It was much appreciated and I look forward to working with Modern Comfort Systems in the future.

Very truly,
Michael Myers


Tevis Customer Service,
We had our Furnace serviced today by Modern Comfort for the first itme today. (In the past we had the person who put the unit in do the service). I would just like to let you know that Elmer Cool is the most professional service person that I have ever had in this house. He started by introducing himself, and went right to work. He completely cleaned everything that had to do with the furnace and checked the efficiency of his work. When he left, the area was as clean as when he started. Thank you for having such a fine employee.

Again thank you!