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Modern Comfort Heating and Cooling is Carroll County’s home heating and cooling specialist. We provide installation and service for all types of heating and air conditioning systems including oil, propane, gas, electric and geothermal systems.

Service Plans

Whether you heat your home with oil, propane, natural gas, or heat pump, Modern Comfort Systems have a variety of Service Plans to help you keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak performance. In addition to saving BIG in the event of a breakdown or repair, we find that customers with service plans are much more likely to have regular system tune-ups. As a result, their systems operate at higher efficiencies, use less fuel, and last longer.

With a Modern Comfort Systems service plan includes:

  • Annual System Tune-up – Click here for a list of services performed during tune-up.
  • Emergency ServiceEmergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for service plan customers.
  • Same-day ServiceIf you lose your heat and call us by 5 PM, we will be at your door that same day. We also reserve the first and last service calls of the day for our service plan customers.
  • Big Discounts! – 100% coverage (parts & labor) on a comprehensive list of repairs. 15% repair discount on any repairs not covered.
  • No Surprise Charges! – We don't start a repair until you approve the price!
  • Guaranteed Repairs – Every repair comes with a complete “customer satisfaction” guarantee!
  • Quality Parts – We use only new parts, and with more than 20 well stocked service vans, repairs can be done quickly and efficiently!

    * For some systems, new parts may not be available. When this occurs, quality used parts will be used instead, and our guarantee stands!

In addition, Modern Comfort never subcontracts any of its work.  We will always send a trained and experienced Modern Comfort technician to your home.

All plans are for one year and combination plans that include multiple systems are also available.

Comfort Plan
The Comfort Plan is recommended for new systems and includes:

  • Annual Tune-up
  • Priority Service
  • 15% Repair Discount
  • Total Care Plan

    The Total Care Plan is recommended for systems 5 years and older, and includes:
  • Annual Tune-up
  • Priority Service
  • 100% Coverage (parts & labor) on a comprehensive list of repairs:
    15% repair discount on any repairs not covered

* Please call Modern Comfort Systems for a complete list of covered parts. Terms and Conditions apply for all plans. Please call us for details.